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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Longhorn 5048

I just installed Longhorn 5048 build from WinHec 2005. Holy crap... it's crap! I never did get the PDC 2003 builds to check it out, but the screen shots looked awesome and it had a lot of new features (sidebar, glass effects, etc....) but 5048 was WINDOWS XP but uglier.

Right now I am running Windows XP with the Tablet pc theme and it's pretty smooth looking. It makes Longhorn 5048 look like 3 years ago.

I ran into a couple of weird things. I added a user and then switched the logon method to show the welcome screen. I logged off and got a the Windows XP welcome screen. Huh? They also used a Windows 3.1 hour-glass icon during the install process... wow!

I cannot believe how unpolished this build is. Why show this crap off at Win HEC, maybe it's more stable just for hardware engineers to produce the drivers and not meant to dazzle but wow it sucked. It lasted about 15 minutes on my machine and then I removed it.

Microsoft is seriously going to loose the desktop if they don't get their stuff together. BTW I am a developer and have been doing C# for the last 3 years so you can't call me a MS hater. I really liked Windows XP when it came out and loved C# / .NET and still do mostly except I've been doing Windows Forms development lately and found how crappy that part of the .NET Framework is.

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