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Monday, March 27, 2006

Novell and the new desktop wars

It's interesting... Novell is rising from the ashes. They are showing some great leadership in the Linux world and creating one compelling desktop.

Miguel blogged about the new desktop release (SLED 10, I am glad they are getting rid of Novell Desktop Linux moniker, Suse is a much cooler)

Take a look at the first presentation by Nat (Official Presentation), it's freaking cool. It's nice to see all the pieces they've worked so hard on the past couple to three years at Ximian and Novell come together.

Mono has REALLY started to pay dividends and they are building cool applications quickly for linux. (F-spot, Beagle, Banshee, etc...) Diva (video editing) has just started to release and it's looking good.

Xgl is the final part of the solution giving Linux a modern desktop. I am blown away by the coolness this brings to the linux desktop and makes me want to use Linux again. I am sick of waiting for Vista. :)

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