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Friday, August 18, 2006

The New Desktop Wars... (part 2)

I blogged earlier about Novell and the new desktop wars. I've been playing with Mac OS X and love it. Leopard is coming out and it looks like it's taking user interface concepts further with Time Machine, which makes backup intuitive to a user. If I need an old version of a file I just enter the time machine and locate it by flipping through snapshots of my application (iPhoto) or my folder. simple but it works.

Miguel blogged about people that think wobbly windows are just eye candy...they would be wrong. Sure it looks great but it's more about "feeling great." It's about user experience. Somehow I just feel better when my windows have some physical properties to them, it makes the computing experience feel more real-life.

I've used Ubuntu and SLED with XGL enabled and I do miss my wobbly windows and virtual desktops that spins on a cube. Hopefully Apple starts building in things like this into their OS.

And well Windows XP just isn't enjoyable at all but it's so old....I'm sure Vista will be better.

Honestly of the three next gen desktops I think an XGL enabled Linux distro is in front in this area.

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