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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Web 2.0 Startups

If you were going to startup a new web company providing software services in a browser what would that company look like? What is it's culture, what does it's first year look like (and it's second etc...)? What type of technology do you build with?

Meebo is an interesting company, they've become very popular and started a company in a way that I think is very smart... low overhead and created a special relationship with their user community. How much money did they get and how?

I was interested in what technology / platforms these new applications are being built on and I did a netcraft on all the top Web 2.0 companies and they ALL use Linux (saw one BSD) and almost all using Apache.

I really wondered about why they are all using Linux... Then I found this blog entry from a Microsoft guy (Robert Scoble)... cool someone did the research already! A very good read...
Why Web 2.0 companies aren't using Microsoft's platform.

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